Production of Flexband

The production of Flexband starts deep in the humid forests of Malaysia where the best and strongest trees are available. Natural rubber is a solid product obtained through coagulating the latex produced by certain plants, particularly the Brazilian rubber-tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). This raw material is usually tapped from the rubber tree, which is native to Amazonia. Although there a large number of species that exude secretions similar to latex when the bark is cut, only a few produce sufficient quantities of a quality adequate for exploitation on economic bases. Rubber is tapped when the trees are five-seven years old until 30 years old as their latex tapping decline because it is uneconomic. Incisions are made in the bark of the tree, deep enough to tap the latex without harming the tree’s growth.

Milky latex extracted from rubber tree

Only the best quality latex is selected for the production of Flexband. To ensure an immaculate product quality, the products begins with a constant supervision. The bands are completely analysed, checked and examined before leaving the factory. This is conducted to ensure a maximum product quality. Rubber trees combat greenhouse gases which helps to slow down global warming. Morever, latex harvesting prevents deforestation which makes our product a premium quality.

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